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I’m too pumped right now. I’m learning to speak up and voice my opinion! lol I used to have an issue of speaking up, asking questions, saying what’s on my mind, etc. But now, I’m no longer afraid of that!! I’m really trying to keep this up so I can continue to get further in life. This may sound like a joke or sound crazy, but I’m so serious. I finally learned to slow down, pause between my words, process everything lol This is a problem of a “quiet person”. The only issue that gets in the way is my accent and things don’t come out right -_- hmm
satansonenightstand: People need to calm down with the "nigga" thing. Nigga is rarely, if ever, used offensively today. Nigga is used as slang, even black people have 0 problem with you saying nigga. Nigger, however... Is used offensively. And there's a huge difference between nigga and nigger






This is what I’ve been trying to fucking say. But nope.

This makes me uncomfortable

Nah this not okay fuck wrong with you. You’re not even black telling ppl its okay to say this. You need your ass beat. Idc what black guy you fucking that let you call him nigga. dont take it upon yourself to make these claims for a race you’re not even apart of.

white girls saying black people can’t be offended by a word that was created to offend black people. Alright.